The title of most energy-efficient out of a list of most eco friendly cars 2016 was awarded to one manufactured by BMW, the BMWi3. As part of the “Project i” launched by the German brand, the BMW i3 was manufactured as an urban electric car that boasts five doors. The car is the first from the German manufacturer that employs zero emissions, which is produced for the mass. BMW is also the first company that manufactures cars in mass-scale to put out on the market, which employ polymer that has been reinforced with carbon fiber in order that the vehicles can be improved on their use of energy.

The BMW i3 holds the title of being the most energy-efficient car off the list of the most eco friendly cars 2016 up to November 2016. Its variant, the BMW i3 REx, is the holder of the title of the most energy-efficient car in the category of gasoline/electricity fuel. The BMW i3 can range between 130 and 160 km running on a 60 Ah battery. The concept for the BMW i3 was first unveiled in 2011 during the event of International Motor Show Germany. The start of production was unveiled in July 2013 while production really took off on mass level in September 2013.

Being the most energy-efficient out of a list of the most eco friendly cars 2016, the BMW i3 was shipped to the US beginning in May 2014. In the US, the car costs $42,275 excluding incentives from the government. Optional additions would add another $3,850 to that pricing. The price starts from $46,400 in Germany and $47,195 in the UK. Sale number worldwide, the BMW i3 was the third most sought-after electric car in the period of 2014-2016. In July 2016, sales number hit the 50,000 mark and in December 2016, it became the third bestselling electric car ever in history, with 65,000 units sold.