2018 Toyota Supra Specification Review – The information of 2018 Toyota Supra will be big information for you who want to know most about this new Toyota Supra. This new flagship of sport car from Toyota will be developed with BMW engine. The platform used in this new Toyota Supra is shared with German marque’s. The concept that used in the new 2018 Toyota Suprais borrowed from FT-1 concepts with central nose that designed to be strong and in the front bumper appeared three air intakes in large.

2018 Toyota Supra Specification Review

2018 Toyota Supra Specification Review

At a glance, this new Supra having attractive look with its compact rear overhang and the front. Well, it is also look like coupe with dramatic curves. On the roof, it is having bubble roof just like in the FT-1. The specification of new Toyota Supra will be great to explore from the design as well as the engine used inside.
As explained before that this new
2018 Toyota Supra designed with some similarities with its previous design that borrowed the concept from the Toyota FT-1. Not only that, the platform of Z5 will also applied to this new Toyota Supra. The difference that will be notice from the previous and the new exterior design of Toyota Supra will be in the rear vender. Here the changes that offered in new Toyota Supra.

  • The door will also be tweaked and in the front also will be redesigned. This redesign  will give this new Toyota Supra looks like BMW or Aston Martin. The changes and redesign might be give differences to the exterior of new Toyota Supra as well as in the back area.
  • The back will get similar design with the new 2018 Toyota FT-1 which is have spoiler in rounded ducktail and there are thin taillights in horizontal bellow. It is also have similarity with GT86 in the exhaust exits in large that poke out on the corner rear bumper.

Inside this new Toyota Supra, it will be designed with control and simplified center stack. The design of the steering wheel will be revised as well as the infotainment system that will be tweaked. The new 2018 Toyota Supra design may be get some changes and will be different from the previous with similarities with other car design and concept. Move to the engine that will be supported the performance for this new Supra, you will find that this sport car will be featured with hybrid power. The new Supra might be different if compared with previous version because this new design will be featured with V6 engine together with hybrid power which will produce total about 400 horsepower.

2018 Toyota Supra Engine

It might 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder turbo charged engine that will send the power to the all wheels. The speed that will be reached by new Toyota Supra with this engines up to 60 mph in only 6 seconds. The top speed that can be reached is about 186 mph.  Well, the engine of Toyota Supra will be the first car engine that made under the cooperation or Toyota and BMW.
Some of you may be waiting for this new flagship of Toyota Supra with revised design and more powerful engine inside. Well, in this 2017 or at least in 2018 the new Toyota Supra is expected to be released in Tokyo Auto Show. So, for you who curious and want to see this new sport car from Toyota can wait till 2017 or 2018 to know the detailed specification and how it is look to make sure. However, for you who want to be drive new Toyota Supra as your private car should wait the information about the price because the price of
2018 Toyota Supra hasn’t announced but it is predicted would be about $40.000 or $50.000 according to Car Release Date website.